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The Australian made BURKER Deluxe immersion heater is the only heater with a double glass enclosure. The diffusing effect of the double glass enclosure prevents the extremely hot area around the element coming into direct contact with the liquid. This is considered critical when fermenting as the yeast can stress when it becomes overheated.

All BURKER immersion heaters come with a 12-month warranty. The guarantee does not include loss or damage caused by the use of this heater and is limited to the heater unit only.


Do not use the heater if the outer glass is cracked or broken. Do not open the heater or remove the glass. Return to BURKER for repairs or adjustments.

The immersion heater is factory set. Allow sufficient time (8 hours) for the heater to heat correctly before making adjustments. Turning the temperature up for quick results could damage the heater and your product.


  1. Inspect heater for signs of damage or faults before use
  2. Immerse the heater into the liquid so that it is fully covered. The top of the heater should be about 5cm (2in) below the surface of the liquid.
  3. Connect to the power supply.

  4. NOTE

    The heater may not switch on if the temperature of the room it is in is above 20 deg. The heater is designed to heat slowly to prevent temperature overshoot, which could damage or harm the product. It is normal for the heater to cycle on and off as it is heating the liquid. Allow sufficient time (4 hours) for the liquid to heat up before carrying out any adjustments

  5. If adjustment is necessary, turning the adjustment knob clockwise will increase temperature, or anticlockwise to decrease temperature. Only a slight movement is required. Do not move the red mark on the adjustment knob past the MAX or MIN marks shown on the card inside the heater body.
  6. Switch off power before removing heater. Allow sufficient time for the heater to cool (30 mins) before removing from the liquid.


Wash and sanitize the heater before use

Place the heater into a bucket of water and allow sufficient time (4 hours) for the heater to fully heat the water. Test the temperature to ensure the temperature setting is suitable for your application.

Insert the heater into the water so that it is fully immersed

If possible place the fermenter in a position where it is not subject to extreme cold. If this is not possible, wrap the fermenter in an insulation material such as a blanket to prevent excessive heat loss


Wash the heater in warm soapy water. DO NO PLACE THE HEATER IN BOILING WATER!
Rinse well and then sanitize in a suitable solution. Allow to dry before storing the heater.
Always sanitize the heater before use

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