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We have been regular customers of "Burkers" for the past 15 years. We have found the Burker Immersion Brew Heaters to be the best for all Beer & Wine brewing and a very reliable and consistant heater.

Most of our customers use these Brew Heaters and are more than satisfied. If they need to replace their old heater, or require an extra heater, there is no hesitation in purchasing another "Burker Immersion Heater".

We have found Burker's service/delivery to be very reliable and very prompt.

Roger - Ballarat Home Brew Centre


We at Phillips Cellars have stocked the Burker Fermentation Beer Heater for over 20 years. It is a good reliable product and our customers have been happy with its performance.

Jill - Phillips Cellars www.phillipscellars.com.au


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