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BURKER TECHNOLOGIES would like to introduce you to our range of quality fermentation heaters, ideal for home beer brew and wine making purposes. We also manufacture immersion heaters suitable for hydroponics.

Our heaters have been manufactured in Australia for over 30 years and we are fully committed to reliability and performance.

All of our heaters are thermostatically controlled, fully submersible, and feature a double glass enclosure for the heat diffusing effect which prevents the liquid close around the element from becoming too hot, while still maintaining the desired temprature throughout the tank. This is beneficial especially for fermenting as over heating can cause the yeast to stress. A calibration and testing procedure ensures the heaters are set and are performing to the correct specifications.

Our heaters are backed with a twelve-month guarantee against manufacturing defects and there is also a full backup service available for any repair needs.

Hand made in Australia

Proven reliability

New stockists welcome


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